Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Queue-Griefing: No, Not the 'Tank is a DPS' Type

***This post contains coarse language and should be considered NSFW.***

There are many thing that while I do appreciate about the automatic random dungeon-finding tool, every once in a while (though growing more apparent each day for some reason beyond me) is that I am getting insta-queues with the healer or tank (usually the latter) literally clicking the rejection button so fast that I can't even move my cursor to just the damn box that pops up, let alone the 'ready' button. Sure, once or twice is annoying but you at least eventually get a *real* queue wait time going.

Ha! Sure, if I'm lucky that'll happen. I can spend anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes repeatedly going through this stupid loop of people just queuing JUST so they can decline. I don't know why the system doesn't ignore these people and move onto the next or maybe I'm just unlucky. I even wait a good 5 to 10 minutes in-between these sessions of griefing the LFG system because I figure either they'll stop their shenanigans or I'll be placed in such a way that I don't deal with that person/people. Hardly ever works.

I don't have all day and when I decide I want to just do a few dungeons, that's it. I don't want to do 'x' and 'y' and 'z' things while waiting for said queue to pop; I just want to frigging do the damn dungeons. I will alt-tab onto YouTube or something else and wait for the blaring announcement noise (I turn my in-game sound WAY up, just to be sure) that my queue is ready but I can't exactly be flipping back every second or two just to realize I've been caught into the same horrid mess.

I would estimate on most days I get this bullshit wasting my time, I average two, TWO, dungeons per 3-hour span. And to think, that's being GENEROUS.

There's no reason for it and I honestly believe that anyone who does this should be hit by a debuff that locks them out of being able to queue for anything (LFG, LFR, BGs, Arenas) for at *least* an hour. I'd prefer two hours, but Blizzard has a tendency to react to most griefings with a slap on the wrist, if even that. Too busy studying botting trends (they all do the same fucking things to teleport here, there, and everywhere; they all have set behaviour patterns when confronted; they are practically all carbon copies of one another so can you just ban them and get it over with?) and answering inane conversation pieces that eventually make their way to the forums so we can all want to strangle people for bumping back legitimate tickets.

The fun doesn't stop there, oh no! No no no no no no no.............then we have the bastards who actually ACCEPT the queue when it pops up and promptly leave. Gee, thanks asshat #34619548, I just spent a half-hour or more (specifically queuing instead of randoms is murder, upwards of an hour and a half) to get here in the first place and now we have to wait 10 to 20 minutes on *top* of that for that slot to fill.

Sometimes it prompts the others to leave, as well, especially if the tank leaves first and then healer (or vice-versa) and then since you're by yourself, you can't look for more since you need at least one other person with you. You have to start an ENTIRELY. NEW. QUEUE.

Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Fuck your dog.

Fuck. My. Life.

Fuck it hard; fuck it long. It's going to be a long *fucking* night!

I cannot fathom what sort of person honestly thinks that causing this is entertaining. I get upset, sure, I understand that an eerily-large portion of the internet is comprised of sadistic torturers who I could imagine flourishing in the criminal sector, given the right push (they already have the motivation, after all) but where does that come from? Were they sheltered all their life? Well-off and got away with treating people in real life, face to face, like complete shit? No conscience to speak of? Complete sociopaths?

I don't know.

I *do* know, though, that they are costing me real time and real money that makes me reconsider the idea of paying Blizzard for what is *supposedly* a game. Y'know, a game? Intended for fun, to relax, to derive some sense of "downtime" from the hustle and bustle of real life?

I didn't sign on to support masochist practices and I'm sure most other people didn't, either.

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  1. lmao haha i soooo know that feeling lol, although have to say husband have done this a (1-2) few times, but not as aggressive lol he always do the run tho =) I will slap him for you. =)

    Great blogg. ^