Monday, 9 July 2012

Min/Max: Stop Harassing the Salvagers!

***Warning: this article contains a large amount of coarse language and should be considered NSFW.***

I don't like that I'm going to touch back on min/max stuff but unfortunately I need to.

I just got out of a Drak'Tharon Keep run on an alt of mine and by the end of it I had literally every other party member on ignore *and* I was shaking like I was having my own personal earthquake. In fact, I'm STILL shaking, making this difficult to type because of a) erratic movements, b) anger clouding mind so I apologize if I should have worded anything differently, and c) I honestly am flabbergasted (oi! look it up) that anyone could be this unreasonable, if not just plain ignorant.

Okay, let me set the scene for you: party members actively talking about min/max stuff and clearly having no subtlety whatsoever. In fact, the thought of racing to max level and getting everything prepared for only max level play is circling around their heads, correcting what people should and should not be doing.

I didn't check gear because I feel it to be rude, invasive, and completely unnecessary since everything is going smoothly. We finally get up to King Drek and the caster staff drops, me rolling 'Need' on it and winning since I rarely upgrade anything and when I do it is ALWAYS a massive boost. The healer complains that I, as a mage (yes, I suppose I forgot to mention that part), shouldn't be using spirit and completely ignores the fact that it's well-over twice the stat value (even without the spirit it has while there is no intellect or stamina on it) of my current staff.

Okay, before you tear into me for being a moron and saying that spirit is worthless to me, let me say: I AGREE WITH YOU.

However, if you completely ignored the part about it being an amazing upgrade for me, then I'll let you think on that for a bit now that I've pointed it out. Here we have someone who is so tunnel-visioned into reaching max level and will work tirelessly to reach that goal that they'd probably replace it in pretty much no time at all, rendoring it essentially vendor trash as opposed to a tool that will be appreciated and used for a long time. I level slowly on purpose AND I make things last far past their normally expected lifetimes.

I still use the goddamn GNOMISH ROCKET BOOTS, for fuck's sake. They're just that good and far, FAR more consistent than the rocket belt tinker. Kinda sad, that, isn't it? Mostly the latter point but the former one, too, I suppose.

I know in a couple more levels, I could do the Ampitheater quests but, y'know what? Probably not going to do it. No one of a higher level would DARE help a lower level without a nice tidy monetary compensation unless they're guildmates and even then only if they just happen to be on at the same time, happen to not be busy when the request is made, and just happen to feel comfortable doing it, the person asking for help having been in the guild an adequate amount of time. A lot of things that just have to line up and not everyone is so fortunate.

So then I'm getting bitched at from every angle up to the point where they start putting words in my mouth, claiming I said it was good for one reason or another. They kept changing their stories, so of course you can probably tell how fed up with this I'm getting. I said that it was good for my personal situation, explaining in simple words (I shit you not, they were posting '?' at the words "take into account that...", HOW do you not understand that if English is your first language?).

Anywhoo, a bit more back and forth resulted in me saying something that was a simple sentence that just *happened* to be longer than 4 fucking words and them doing the tl;dr and "don't need to post a book, bro" and even outright admitting to the fact that they were too lazy to read it.

I blew up. I started in with that being part of the reason I believe people should start beating children to within an inch of their life again: to learn some respect, manners, and actually put effort into something for once in their lives. This was not received by the "u mad, bro?" family, but rather by "philosopher of WoW, all up in this bitch".


I had to take a moment because I really didn't see how that was relevant at all. However, I regained my composure and unparalled, seething anger/hatred.

I even went so far as to say, ahem:

"I'm angry because the stupid and lazy are breeding, only making me wish more George Carlins were alive, making people feel like they need to kill themselves because they are wastes of skin, space, and oxygen. No one is perfect but you people set the bar pretty damn low."

I got so flustered and wanting to cause levels of bodily harm (preferably through mutilation) that I was brought down to that level.

You happy, you fucking pieces of shit? Are you happy that you've made the world a little more dark and disturbing? Are you proud that what you've done is make yet another person wish they had the ability to wipe out the entire human race and pray that this fucking failure of a fluke mutation never repeats itself? Are you? ARE YOU?!

You make me sick.

Leave the salvagers alone. Not just in WoW. But in life, period. We don't brag. We don't feel entitled. We don't go out of our way to prey upon the emotions of others and their appreciation of having a bit of dignity, intelligence (be it logistics, observational skills, etc. the list goes on and on), and the idea that they don't need to rush through every goddamn fucking thing. Did I really need to be harassed about a single copy of potentially infinite amounts more of a digital item that would serve almost no purpose for most others but would be a great boon to myself, despite it not being the best of the best of choices?

There is no legitimate reason for why anyone should treat anyone else to the point where one is just outright ashamed to be a part of the human race. After all, if this is how we treat others in an online gaming experience, then what does that say about how we *really* want to treat our friends, family, co-workers, random people on the street?

Think about it. I have, and frankly, I can't get over how much I hate people as a whole.

As someone once said, "A person is intelligent; people are idiots."


  1. Funny article. Sometimes we have to fend for ourselves. I keep buffs up all the time. The best buffs are food buffs. I use Wow fishing bot. Craft my own food and get huge buffs. Thanks for the article.

  2. I would like to start off with saying that I like your blogs and think that this was a great article. I do agree and disagree with it though from my experiences in WOW. I don't like min/max mentality and the way that you were treated because of it was uncalled for. Many times I have had pieces of gear that I believe should have been awarded to me due to their stats being specific to my class, but another class need rolled on it, but I did not complain, I just moved on to play some more and hopefully get it next time. I do think that the healer had a point though, (if it was also an upgrade for him/her), becaus the staff having spirit essentially made it a healer piece of gear. I wish that Blizzard would institute a way for gear to only be need rolled on by what class the person qeu'd for. If a person q's as a dps they can only roll on dps gear and so forth. I have been in many dungeons where there has been polite people who ask if they can need an item for offspec or if it is a significant boost in their stats, i.e. the staff you needed on in Drak'Tharon. But I have also been in many dungeons where people need on dps items and they are the tank or healer. It is quite unfair for dps to wait in a qeu for 20-30 minutes only to lose a piece of gear to a tank or healer that had a low qeu time. Anyways long story short I agree with your article in the majority but wish their could be a bit more restrictions to how items are looted in dungeons. Keep up the posting, I like hearing about your annoyances with people in WOW, as I often feel much the same way. Thanks