Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mist of Pandaria: Yet Another Continent

I'm excited for MoP; really, I am. I'm just finding it difficult to expect a whole new style of gameplay incorporated into yet another land mass on Azeroth. From what I've seen of videos and screenshots, I have no doubt that I'll enjoy myself.

However, the actual feeling of being somewhere I've not been before will likely not be there.

In the Outlands, you actually had to think about your surroundings. Admittedly, some of that had to do with the fact that flying was introduced and meant funny occurences in the Blade's Edge Mountains along with Netherstorm were quite prevalent. Many a time did I hear of someone flying from Hellfire Peninsula to Netherstorm and suddenly dropping out of the sky to their untimely doom simply because they ventured too far into the Twisting Nether.

I'm sure people have their own little stories with flight and being able to do crazy stuff, but the point is that there were possibilities opened. Now, we just take flight for granted and just go wherever we want and we'll have to deal with withdrawal symptoms come MoP because we'll be locked down again until about max level, if I recall correctly.

There's never anything *truly* new about being forced to land for a few levels. All it is would be seeing things up-close and personal again. Okay, maybe that's the point. But really, we've never had to actually think about what we were doing, regardless of quests, mobs, towns, whatever. Blade's Edge made me dizzy and questioning if I was going the right way because there were SO. MANY. SPIKES. that looked pretty much exactly the same, scattered literally *everywhere* in the zone. I have never had to check my map so many times in my playtime.

Some would say that is a bad thing Blizzard needs to move away from. What? WHAT? Actually having to think about things and not just go "la dee la dee lada la dee la la la..." is not what makes a new experience. It doesn't matter if Blizzard wants to allow less...err...seasoned, I guess, players more enjoyment. They still have that, no matter what argument you can pose. There are so many options open in the world that we're not forcing people to take part in what we should otherwise learn to adapt to, or at least take into account to some degree.

Why not have areas where you can choose to fly around up top and risk getting taken down by some sort of flying creature(s) if you can't judge your distance well enough or fly into certain protective auras that dissipate after a short while? Or, if you want, play it safe and fly under tree cover, but you have to avoid hitting obstacles like branches and whatnot? Lower to the ground there could be almost nothing in your way but you'd at least still be going faster than riding on the ground. Mind you, my mind is thinking in HUGE proportions, so don't take it to mean that you'd be flying a mere handful of feet off the ground. Besides, I'm just tossing out ideas here as I type, nothing being pre-planned here.

I could go on with more ideas but I'm a bit tuckered out. However, at least you have some idea where I want things to go.

Hopefully, though, such kinds of ideas will be expanded on in future releases. The next place I want to go to is the Nathrezim homeworld so if that were ever a possibility kicking around in the think-tanks of Blizzard employees, that'd be the perfect settings to adjust difficulty in not only combat, but even basic things like travel. Flight paths would obviously be exempt. No one wants to go afk and back to find themselves on a prompt for taking down an enemy that has boarded your wyvern or whatever animal it is *this* time to stop it from dragging you down to a crash-landing.

I'm not THAT cruel. Unusual, yes, but cruel?
Anywhoo, on a separate note, I know hardly anyone looks at this blog but I'm more than willing to take suggestions and see if I am annoyed about aspects of various things others have a bone to pick with. Just leave a comment and I'll likely make a post all about it.

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