Saturday, 9 June 2012

Signs WoW is Going Downhill: What a Crock!

I've been looking at the official forums and miscellaneous fan/discussion sites and so many people still are hell-bent on claiming WoW is dying.

Well...that's not what this is about.  It is about simply those who claim there is a rapid descent in how the community *as a whole* (this is important, people!) is dragging the game down into an uninspired mess of easy modes and lacklustre, forgettable content.



Yes, unfortunately, in addition to the usual batch of 'WoW death', I've seen many people say these sorts of things because it doesn't appeal to the fraction of people who are in the best situations (perfect internet stability, top-of-the-line computers, all the free time in the world, so on and so forth) who want challenges that would make the rest us frustrated to no end (but still grit our teeth and try to salvage the situation best we could and get as far as possible, even if we barely made a dent in the content).

Okay, so basically design content around elite groups who actively want to flaunt fictional achievements in a game, having us kiss their sweaty, blistered rumps.

Yeah, the latter part of that is only for the jerkwads but I've yet to *personally* meet skilled individuals in any facet of life that didn't have some sort of ego.

I'm horrendous, pretty much everything I do.  I attempt to better myself, and when I achieve something I feel good about it.  Am I going to start smack-talking because I know I can get away with it because it's the internet and it's the "cool" thing to do?  No, and everyone who *does* needs a smack upside the head.

The overwhelming majority of Blizzard's playerbase pay for a product to enjoy.  Okay, not everyone wants to do certain things and they're fine with that.  Dungeons and, more notably, raids have been the major draw for most players so clearly there's an expectation that money talks and the money wants to get its worth.  Designing and tweaking content every once in a while so it is more accessible doesn't do jack all except cause a blow to the egos of people who you see ranting and raving over the idea of "Blizz, don't help these newbs and casuals, force them to be better"., to a very, very, very, VERY minor degree, I would have otherwise agreed with that last statement.  But here it is baseless.  If 80% or whatever percentage of paying customers don't get to do what they expected to be able to do to at least *some* decent extent, they would become dissatisfied and begin talking with their wallets.

Kinda hard for Blizzard to produce content if there aren't enough resources.  If everyone was like these complainers, we'd never hear these sorts of concerns non-stop EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. because Blizzard would never have to re-visit content to alter for the players.

Well...except if Blizzard isn't hearing complaints, they may very well not even try being innovative.  Why bother?  Everyone's content with how things are now so there's a sudden halt in the evolution of gaming.  Other companies might bring things up for Blizzard to make their own adaptation on but that runs the risk of messing with their supposedly "perfect formula" which is really just having players all be like-minded zombies that are all on the same bandwagon of thought.

Frankly, I'd say that we need people to point out not everyone has the perfect setup of personal factors, be it hardware, where they live, how much (or rather, little) goes on in their life to learn the finer details to a 't', and if they have the mental capacity to understand and adapt to the kind of thinking the loudmouthed jerks that, I guess, belong to some sort of hive mind.

So...yeah.  Everything, be it from me or the complainers, is just a bunch of theories with no actual proof to back up either side.  However, makes you think, doesn't it?