Saturday, 8 December 2012

Random Comeback!


I went away for a while.

Yeah, that was relaxing. For a little while, at least.

I got in on MoP's release a little later than I expected but it was ultimately for the best (about a week or two in so that I didn't have to deal with the obvious flood of people who would ruin the experience for those that just wanted to go at their own pace).

There was a ridiculous amount of new content that overwhelmed me with just how much variety there was in how to spend your time (pet battling/collecting...whew, I knew it'd be fun and more involved than I suspected, but man did I have fun with it) and even got my main geared out a good portion but without a consistent raid schedule due to a number of factors I'd rather not go on about here.

Currently, though, I'm sitting without any time on my account (Blizzard's 3-day courtesy reminder email didn't make it to my inbox for some reason, I checked spam/trash/filter settings, nothing is out on my end) but I'm not re-upping until I re-install the game and update to 5.1.

While doing non-WoW stuff, I accidently saved some files into my WoW folder and when I went to delete the intruding files, somehow managed to catch my WoW Launcher, preventing me from running the game repair tool as well as the more obvious aspect of locking myself out from being able to download game updates.


Anywhoo, despite all this, I wanted to express my latest distaste since I didn't have enough experience with MoP content to justify making any blog entries for a while.

Now, though, I can definitely say that I am burned out. I tried tackling on too much and paid the price. Golden Lotus rep kicked the everlasting bejeesus out of me and I've done maybe one, two days max, worth of Shado Pan/August Celestial dailies and I know I'm well behind everyone already but it's just not going to happen.

I got exhalted with the dragon trainer faction (sad, I can't even remember their name, despite it being one of the more fun things to work on so far) and the Anglers (but something seriously needs to be done about trying to cast anything if you're on the mount from them, extremely aggravating to be prompted with error messages when I can use any other mount fine and dandy when I decide to cast something) but the Klaxxi story wrap-up will have to wait since revered status is good enough for me, just as Golden Lotus is left to the same fate.

I was led to believe, prior to MoP's release, that we could pick and choose what to work on and not be penalized for it. This was not the case because I wanted to dive straight into Shado Pan content but no, I had to work my rear off for a bunch of random people I had absolutely no incentive to care about (Golden Lotus) just to be given the go-ahead and continue the story arc that just gets thrown to the wind JUST before you hit honored status with them.

Because I had planned to be an early adopter of raiding in MoP, as well, (well, on a *relative* scale), I had to keep up best I could with dungeon runs, dailies, and LFR. Scenarios helped a bit due to their more forgiving nature, but Valor had been a drain on time I could be doing things without feeling pressured to log in every freaking day. Good thing I am not worried about THAT anymore, eh?

Regardless, knowing what awaits me when I come BACK into the game is a bit depressing. Do I jump into the new dailies as someone who hates PvP on a mage? Do I try to polish off previous rep grinds now that a lot of it is now "old content"? Do I just hang back and do previous expansion content with the occasional LFR queue thrown in just to not go crazy?

I'm so mentally sore and tired that the only specific thing I feel I *should* go on a tangent on is all the people complaining about the never-ending grind dailies present.

But then again, I'd feel pretty hypocritical, since I certainly agree with many points raised on the issue but here's the thing: I am not even REMOTELY as invested in complaining about dailies as a lot of people are.

It might be that I make it harder on myself because I've yet to read any truly engaging posts on why they are a good thing and made into the next evolutionary step of "casual endgame" content that isn't necessarily loot-based (yes, it helps lead to an initial boost in gearing people up if they so wish but it's better than logging in just barely long enough to complete one or two things and actively staying away from the game for as long as humanly possible, really, for $15/month, why wouldn't you at least find other things you enjoy or play a different game?). People are focusing on the same negative points to such extremes that I just want everyone to shut up. I am so frakking tired of the lack of *variety* of discussion.

Whenever I see some promise in someone's argument, they fall into the trap of talking about the same thing everyone else has already covered a thousand times already. If that doesn't happen, though, and they DO actually have something new to bring to the idea pool, I am unfortunately met with that person no longer participating in the discussion as they recognize only a marginally slim amount of people will bother to read their input at all because the sheer amount of old ideas and complaints pushing them as far away from view as possible, hidden from most readers since no one honestly likes the idea of having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of posts to HOPE to find that *one* idea everyone should focus on.

Stupid mob mentality and its ability to crush the creative process through brute force alone.

Ignoring the stupidity, however, only goes so far, both for in-game purposes and general human limitations. You can't simply will yourself into a blatant state of blissful ignorance and continue doing something. Even if I managed it, I'd have to ignore several connecting states of awareness that would take apart my personality, the very core of what makes me...well, ME, and that is completely off the table for obvious reasons. Well, I'd hope they're obvious, or else that'd be pretty scary as to how many zombies may already be among us.

So long story short: discouragement from merely existing within the same environment as this overwhelming amount of discontent people makes an already tiring experience just that much more of a drain.

Not surprising when you take a step back and look at it, really. But does it have to be in my face every single farkin' day I play?

Even just *thinking* about how tired I was getting doing all this and not having any positive reinforcement to push onwards with finishing content in the game is enough of a brain-drain, let alone the actual act of participating in it.

So, with that, I hope I wasn't gone for so long that my thoughts are just 'preaching to the choir' at this point (oh, I suspect some but hopefully not ALL).

But yeah, sleep nodals  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aaaaknoijak ,,,,j,,