Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Random Thoughts Make For A Psuedo-Post...Maybe?

This is just freaky. I keep on being completely drained of my will to go on, I don't post for basically a ludicrous amount of time, and then I suddenly get hit by inspiration to post something which, in reality, doesn't actually accomplish anything.

So as anyone knows (or at least SHOULD know), Blizzard no longer "intends" to re-implement flying in WoD or anytime thereafter for the forseeable future.

Sucks, right?

I am an avid supporter of flight and I will not make excuses for Blizzard as they have PR of whom are paid to do that, amongst other duties. However, we do have to realize that in a game that has gone through as many and as major of dramatic changes in its relatively recent history, we the players are to blame for this complete wreck.

This snowballed out of control the moment we started only half-heartedly giving our opinions and felt that the mediocre attention put in towards these and other (usually more pressing) issues was "good enough". Let's face it: we got lazy. You did, I did, the vast majority of us just wanted to be left alone to our own agendas. I have to wonder, though...when did we just get too exhausted to fight back? I know my own downfall was when my guild imploded and I don't ever see a single person on at the same time as me anymore. A few people I have been friends with for years still play but at various hours I cannot match and we all do our own little things but don't have any consistency.

What about you? Are you like me, sighing in mental frustration, not wanting to cut myself off from what few people I know by guild hopping in hopes of just finding people to DO things with and make me care about what little I have going for me in this game? Did you bite the bullet and just accept it is what it is and either don't care or, dare I say, enjoy the idea of no flying from here on out?

In less depressing news, I have found myself playing a LOT of casual play Hearthstone. Priest is, by far, the most fun with wildly varying results due to Mind Vision and Thoughtsteal. I really hate playing as a mage in this game just due to feeling I cannot be "allowed", as it were, to have a creative deck due to so many cards being a "must-have" feel to them (double fireball, double polymorph, at LEAST one flamestrike but two is usually better, etc.).

I feel armor should have a cap, though, as fatigue doesn't ignore armor like in virtually every other game I've played with similar mechanics. No one can exceed 30 health so why can I (though admittedly rarely) find myself against a warrior with full health AND something like 78 armor if they are particularly lucky on draws while I'm dumped on with my *terrible* draws.

I still win most of my games against such situations, as hopeless as they might seem, but that's just because of very niche spells and the fact priests heal as a hero power. Mind Control on an enraged Grom Hellscream does wonders.

Anyway, fun game and all, been far more likely to give in and invest some money into it but don't due to my feelings towards Blizzard in regards to WoW. Would not make sense if I supported a company in one game for minor reasons while despising the direction it takes for another game for major reasons.

I'm getting a bit of a headache now but hopefully I managed to pull off something resembling a sense of rational thought.

Hopefully I can break this terrible habit of infrequent updates, while I'm at it!

Have a good one and I hope everyone has a positive week! Remember to check out the World of Warcraft Q&A they are doing on Saturday. We need answers and hopefully Blizzard doesn't dance around the issues that are urgent.

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