Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cap on Daily Quests Removed!

I...I have nothing to say negatively about this so I'm very pleased to finally have a good thing to talk about.

The good people over at Blizzard clearly were able to listen to the concerns of players very well and have finally brought upon us one of the ideas most requested as far as questing is concerned.  No longer are we going to have to pick and choose what we have to miss out on just because we are interested in more than what the current 25 cap allows us.  As it stands for me, I'm a Tol Barad, Molten Front, Argent Tournament, and Ogri'la rep fan but I'd be taking Molten Front every time and I suppose I could have done Ogri'la to fill in some of what was left but the limit gave me the feeling (even though it's somewhat nonsensical) that if you do one thing, why *bother* doing anything else?  Again, doesn't really make sense, since getting something out of a secondary grind is better than nothing but it's just the way I felt.

With this change, I can finally just go crazy on everything I want.  I already have all I want from the Netherwing and Sha'tari Skyguard so fortunately I'm not going to overexert myself on quests (read: that aren't MoP quests, at least).  I'm actually almost done Molten Front and Tol Barad is only going to continue until I have the wolf mount (have had the drake forever and recently got the gull before I went into Molten Front stuff again).  Heck, Ogri'la and the Argent Tournament are really the only long-term dailies to really bother with based solely on that they are so slow to do anything with (and I hate playing Simon because my memory isn't that good), though the latter I only need a few more mounts from (the ones that cost 100 marks each), the pony bridle for my squire (what? I thought that's what my Argent Gruntling *was*!).  Also, pets to sell are certainly something I'll finally get into though many others have already been doing so.

There is one thing, though, that worries some people about this.  They feel that it will be a case of quantity over quality for their questing experience as far as the new dailies are concerned for when MoP is released.  I can see where they come from and don't want to mindlessly repeat the same tasks with a Pandaren look slapped on.

Though I am not in the MoP beta, because Blizzard implemented this daily cap change I am confident that the level 90 content for dailies (maybe a few 86 to 89 ones, as well?) will also actually make our dailies more interesting so it is just not more of the same things we are used to: kill x creatures, collect x items, turn in x progression marks.  Sure, I outright *expect* a fair number of them to be these tried and true processes, but nothing BUT them?  Not a chance.

In an MMO there are certainly limits to what can be done for objectives but I find that there are more creative people than what we really give the human race credit for.  Heck, a mere *small* example of what could be done is mimic a quest like the one in the Molten Front where you must go around the rune-filled cave and disrupt the summoning ritual for the elemental reinforcements.  Running around getting chased by mobs which then disappear as long as you click a rune when said mobs are close enough to you?  It's a nice take on quests involving mobs without killing them in the traditional fashion.

I understand not all share my perspective in this matter and are fairly jaded to any potential for hope in this regard but keeping an open mind, even if not continuing one's subscription, it wouldn't hurt to at least occasionally read about the MoP experience.  If you find that you are bored and WoW is actually making a few changes in the direction you feel is to be expected of such a massively popular game, then you can judge it to be a game worth coming back to.

If not, feel free to join the naysayers who predict WoW's demise whenever so much as a free-to-play browser game comes out.  I won't judge you on that.  I'll be annoyed, yes, but judge?  No, I'd rather just play my awesome unlimited daily quest game.

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